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Team Moore

Phillip Moore – Amateur Chef

Phillip Moore Commercial Real Estate, Sutton Incentive Realty, Brokerage

I never liked to cook. Growing up I had the best teacher in the world growing up (my Mom) but I never paid much attention as she created the best dishes ever while my brother and I were getting into mischief as all boys do. However, during COVID, cooking actually brought my Mom and I closer together, especially during the lockdowns. We created some amazing dishes together and had a lot of fun doing it (and eating it afterward). My Mom is my inspiration for Cooking and is most of the reason we are participating as a Mom/Son team.

Anna Moore - Sous Chef

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My Greek father taught me to cook and over the years of cooking for the boys and their father I honed my skills. While I thoroughly enjoy creating Mediterranean dishes I also have self-taught myself to cook several Asian dishes including Thai and Vietnamese. I also enjoy cooking South American, French, Italian, and our course Canadian dishes as well.

Moore’s Menu

Starter: Greek salad of course! But with a twist. During COVID we experimented with some additional ingredients and we found a couple that we think complement the flavors typically found in a Greek Salad while adding something new. Served with Paparo a traditional Greek bread.

Main: Rack of Lamb seasoned in traditional Greek herbs & spices cooked on an open flame which is traditionally how meats are prepared in Greece. Served on a bed of slightly seared/shriveled spinach cooked in duck fat and Greek lemon potatoes; a Greek favorite.

Dessert: Baklava – traditional Greek pastry
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Team Mucci’s Kitchen

Dawn Mucci | Canada's Top Mayor Award 

Mucci’s Kitchen

My love of cooking was inspired by watching my grandmother from Paris make holiday meals. Growing up as an only child to a single father, I learned to cook early on using creativity and experimentation, never following receipts to make our home-cooked meals. My first job at fifteen was as a sou’s chef for Picci’s Italian restaurant in Toronto which taught me some fundamentals of how to navigate a kitchen. Food is an expression of love; creativity and it brings people together. That is why I am such a passionate foodie.

Andrea Khanjin | Sous Chef

MPP Barrie Innisfil

Andrea’s love for cooking just like her love for helping her community all started in the kitchen with her grandmother. What Andrea loves most about food and cooking is how it brings everyone together and how it can be the place to come up with creative solutions, ideas, and a place to solve problems while breaking challah bread with family and friends.

Our meal was inspired by the desire to eat as healthy as possible during the quarantine. We wanted to elevate our energy and overall health to combat the negative effects of social distancing and the stress brought on by going through such a challenging time.

Mucci’s Kitchen Menu

Starter: Kale Crunch Salad
Homegrown organic Kale, Cranberries, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, Crispy Onions, Sweet white mango Cheese topped with Balsamic reduction and Mediterranean Olive Oil.

Main: Mucci’s Mushroom Medley
Organic zucchini pasta sautéed in grass-fed butter and topped with organic tomato sauce, a variety of sautéed wild mushrooms, Micro Greens, olives, and parmesan slivers.

Sweet Endings: Watermelon Surprise
Fresh organic watermelon topped with chopped mint, coconut sugar, chocolate kisses and a sweet surprise.

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Team Aust's Kitchen

Amy Aust

I’ve been a professional broadcaster for 18 years and have enjoyed participating in many amazing events in that time. An event where I have to cook? Definitely a first! I enjoy all things culinary and admittedly what I’ve learned, what I’ve learned from some of my favorite shows on The Food Network. When the pandemic began I spent more time in the kitchen learning new recipes using new ingredients. I’m best known in my family for my pulled pork chili but for this, I’m going all in!

Will Nash

Will is obsessed with music, pop culture, and entertainment. He ALWAYS has a smile on his face – on and off-air. Will enjoys several cups of coffee a day and is a social butterfly!! He also suffers from serious FOMO so even though he is not a self-proclaimed chef, he is excited to team up with Amy to take part in the Downtown Foodie Experience!

Team Aust's Menu

Starter: Warm Succotash salad with feta. Charred sweet corn with petite cut tomato, Lima beans, sweet onion topped with fresh basil from Amy’s garden, and feta crumbles lightly dressed in a lemon vinaigrette

Main: Beer-braised short rib tacos. Slowly braised short ribs in Fresh 93.1’s blueberry fresh ale inside a warm, soft taco with fresh lime crema and quick-pickled radish and crunchy slaw

Dessert: Warm apple crumble. Baked apple topped with a crunchy oat and brown sugar and whipped

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