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The Downtown Foodie Experience presents

  • Chefs each with their own Sous Chef
  • only 34 exclusive tickets onsite
  • Music - dancing afterparty
  • MC
  • Local Celebrity Chef
  • Dining
  • Drinks
  • Competition
  • Homemade Food
  • Cooked by FOODIES for FOODIES

We Miss Dining Out

After 18 long months of limited to no dining experiences available to anyone due to COVID-19 restrictions, Phillip Moore decided it was time to finally learn how to cook. With help from his Mother, Anna Moore, Phillip began learning to create dishes from his mother’s Greek Heritage and then posting them on Instagram using the hashtags #FOODIE #AMATEUR CHEF #GOAWAYCOVID. Dawn Mucci, a long-time friend of Phillip’s and fellow Foodie & amateur chef in her own right started posting photos of her creations next to Phillip’s and friendly rivalry began. This rivalry came to a head when Dawn and Phillip were brainstorming ways to support Mike McCann’s LOVE BARRIE sign initiative and the DOWNTOWN BARRIE – FOODIE EXPERIENCE idea was BORN!


Love Barrie

This will be the first event since lockdown featuring Amateur Chef’s who have honed their cooking skills due to the pandemic which could raise money for Mike’s “Love Barrie” sign while bringing people back downtown to support the reopening of all Food & Beverage businesses in Barrie. After all the whole point of the LOVE BARRIE sign is to promote the City of Barrie and bring more people downtown to take pictures and enjoy all things downtown! What a great cross-promotion idea!


Let’s celebrate together

3 amateur FOOD-loving chefs along with a Sous Chef of their choosing will square off on Thursday, September 9th, 2021 to create a dish that was inspired during the COVID-19 lockdown. Each Chef will prepare enough food for 11 guests and each portion will be divide so that each guest will receive a full meal made up of dishes from each Chef. Each guest will receive 1 ballot and at the end of the event, the first-ever BEST FOODIE CHEF will be awarded.


Homemade food prepared on Site Beer, Wine, Spirits Music, MC, Life & Leisure

All BBQ's Provided By Napoleon


Evening and night, Cook-off will be alive with entertainment and activity.


See, touch, taste and experience the world of food & drink

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